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Tuesday, January 09, 2018
Friday, July 31, 2009
Lowered Blood Pressure without Medication

Several months ago my husband was told during his physical that his blood pressure was high. This wasn’t total news to him as he had been monitoring it on his own for awhile. “Give me a month and I’ll focus on getting in down”. I’m sure the doctor was being as encouraging as possible when he told Rodney, “People don’t change. They eat what they want to eat”.

A month later after diligently exercising regularly, cutting back on salt and sugar, no change. Not good. This was particularly discouraging because my husband had also lost about 10 pounds over the last few months. Now the doc brings out the “big guns” and tells him he’s gotta get on meds. Being the spouse of The Everyday Organic revealed itself as my husband said “NO WAY!”

Fortunately during this time, he had heard how his Dad got his cholesterol levels in check without medication. My Father-in-Law had run into an old friend who he hadn’t seen in a while and was completely impressed with this guys overall health improvements. He asked him, “What did you do?” Among the basic changes, his friend also mentioned G.A.P pills. This wasn’t the first time my Father-in-Law had heard of these. He knows a woman who’s like 89 or somethin’ and still full of vigor and life. She takes G.A.P pills. Hmmm, there must be something to these. After three weeks of taking them, my Father-in-Law’s cholesterol was well within the normal range.

My husband was sold but…what’s in a G.A.P pill? Garlic, Aloe, and Parsley which are all known for their cleansing abilities. The other ingredients are your basic stabilizing agents. Bottle in hand, he followed the instructions given to him by The Aloe Man diligently: take 5 pills 3x day for the first 2 wks then back down to 2pills 3x day with meals (dosage may vary per person so please ask for yourself).

After a month, there was a slight lowering of his blood pressure. Still frustrated, he called and asked for more input. I assured Rodney, “It says ‘money back guarantee’. I’m sure you’re not the first person this has happened to”. He called and it was suggested to not drink more than 40 ounces of water a day because that can dilute the garlic, aloe, and parsley in your system.

He backed off the H2O and WALLAH!!!

In April his blood pressure hit it’s highest at 157/94, YIKES, then went down slightly to 148/85-better but still high. While taking the G.A.P pills his blood pressure lowered to mid 130’s over high 80’s then 129/83, 130/73, and even 125/83!!! Now, these G.A.P pills aren’t magic and certainly not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise but there is no doubt they’ve taken Rodney’s efforts over the edge and kept him off blood pressure medication.

*If you’re already on blood pressure medicine, please use common sense and consult your physician before making any changes and as always: The information on this website is solely intended for sharing knowledge and information from the research and experiences of those at The Everyday Organic. We encourage you to make your own decisions regarding nutrition with guidance from your qualified health care professional and/or nutritionist.

UPDATE 8.3.09 In response to some of your comments and questions, I realized you may want to know a few "stats" on my husband:
43 years of age
Occasional glass of red wine
exercises regularly (3-4xweek)
average weight for his height
Family history of high blood pressure
Daily commuting time: 2 hrs (which can seriously effect one's BP, especially in the ATL)

By the way, this morning his BP was 127/76!

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