Special Teas

The Aloe Man makes special teas based on your needs.  If you need a tea for your Brain, Colon, Heart, kidneys, Liver, Pancreas or any other part of the body, we can prepare a special tea based on your needs. 

Instructions:  Scroll down and click on the "ADD TO CART" button.  After you add a Special Tea to your shopping cart,please checkout,then you will send a message please briefly tell us which part of the body you need us to make a Special Tea for.  type your answer in the open box area.  Example: 

Example 1: Kidneys
Example 2: Liver

After you type in your answer, now click send.
High Blood  #J838 capsules
Product Code: Special Tea - 1 Gallon
Product Code: Special Tea Granules
Sugar (Diabetes)  #J728 capsules
Product Code: Special Tea (Dry)
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High Blood  #J838 capsules High Blood  #J838 capsules
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